Guys and Girls Can't be Friends

Two friends since grade school find themselves navigating the pitfalls of modern dating in small-town Virginia. But as Ben finds himself falling in head over heels love for the first time, he realizes he is stuck in the friend zone. Watching as Julie goes through meaningless relationships he thinks he finally has a chance when she breaks up with her current bad boy. Can he win her over? Will she be open to a relationship? Can they be friends?

Cast: Stephen Tobolowsky, Clint Howard, Ben Solenberger, Nick Burr, Emily Davenport, and Jaymes Camery

Written by Jaymes Camery and Ben Solenberger. Directed by Jaymes Camerey. Produced in collaboration with 2nd Grade Productions and Traveste Films. Starring Ben Solenberger, Emily Davenport, Clint Howard, and Stephen Tobolowsky

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