LADY-LIKE follows Allie, who is simultaneously a hilarious loudmouth and brilliant introvert, as she struggles to find her place at a prestigious university. Hindered by her inclination to simply throw on a pair of sweatpants, order take out, and watch Netflix, Allie effectively eludes the obstacles in her life—preferring gossip and humor to working hard and finding concrete solutions. However, when her best friend and social crutch, Kort, starts dating a transfer student, Allie’s left to fend for herself; drinking, dating, and cursing her way into young womanhood with the tact and grace of a wrecking ball.

Cast: Stephanie Simbari, Allie Gallerani, Olivia Luccardi, Zak Steiner, Maddie McGuire, Corinne Mestemacher, Sarah Moliski, Nick Clark, Brian Wiles, and Beverly D’Angelo

Written by Brent Craft and Matt Nemeth. Directed by Brent Craft.

Eastward Ladylike Film

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