Port of Mokha

We met Mokhtar Alkhanshali before the sun came up in Santa Barbara, standing on the only coffee farm in the continental United States. He was very awake, even in the slow, foggy dawn. “Are you guys excited?” he asked. “I’m so excited,” he said, before anyone could answer.

Alhkanshali is the subject of David Eggers’ latest novel, ‘The Monk of Mokha’, and the man responsible for the revival of Yemen’s coffee industry. He’s equal parts explorer, connoisseur, and philanthropist, and drinks eight cups of coffee a day.

Our film charts Mokhtar’s journey to Yemen and back again. It examines the lengths a man would go to deliver the best coffee ever grown to the world, and the distance he would travel to secure a future for the people who make it.

When Do We Start?

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